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Singapore wants sleep? Needs for Soundproof curtains.

Singapore is the bustling well known Lion City country. Skyscrapers and high rise buildings is everywhere in Singapore. Even more people suffer from sleep deprived.

Usual late night of 11pm or even 2am in the midnight where the streets will still never be quieter.

In order to block out the noises that comes from your neighbors or the streets with cars passing-by so often. You are eager to find out to the solutions to improve and ease the sleepless night you are facing now.

Therefore, in curiosity i wonder how does all of you ensure having an adequate of rest and sleep at nights?

However, do you know that Soundproof Curtains is never 100 per cent soundproofing?

Singapore MTM Curtains is able to help you here.

Soundproof Curtains Materials

At Singapore MTM Curtains, we have material make up of thick clumped fabrics. The materials is compressed and dense into a certain standard of thickness. This dense foam block off the sound effectively.

In this way sound vibrations are effectively block off before it travel through.  Which is why we explain, there is no 100 per cent of soundproof curtains.

Acoustic curtains or velvet materials is also another good materials to work with the soundproofing solutions.

Sound Insulation

Nonetheless the materials we mention above only aids to block off restricted frequency of sounds. Therefore only reduced minimal noises as compared to without the Soundproof Curtains.

Additionally we need to implement the install solution to stop the sound wave from coming in further. In both ways the total soundproofing will works better to about a 70 per cent?

We would say the percentage is depending on the level of sound and material you use. We have did a numbers of soundproof curtains solution for our customers, so far the feedback is very good.

Soundproof Curtains Solutions

The better and cost-savings way is to fabricate Blackout Curtains or any other thicker fabric that help to lower the vibration frequency.

Because the easiest way to reduce noise is simple – block off the paths that sound wave is travelling! Curtains Materials that comes with Sound Insulation effectively helps to block off certain amount of Sound as the materials is fabricated to be.

Heat Insulation is also a kind of good specifications to reduce a low amount of noise as it generally improve soundproofing. Of course, it will never be as effective as compared to normal Sound Insulation materials that were designed as specifically.

Solution we have for you

Singapore MTM Curtains does provide some of the designed materials that contains that specifications in Sound Insulation. In addition we know the solution on how to reduce the sound vibrations to make it another step closer to soundproof curtains.

We believe it will be a great sound reduction solutions to you if Soundproofing is important for you. Contact us now to inquire more on the soundproofing curtains solution we have for you.