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Crank System Outdoor Roller Blinds

  Introducing our Crank System Outdoor Roller Blinds. For people that do not know much about us. We are specialist in doing Curtains and Blinds, especially for doing outdoor blinds. We carry Zip Blinds, pulley type and also Crank system for Outdoor Blinds. Crank system is commonly used in coffee shop, hawker center, shop houses and landed property where BIG SIZES blinds is needed. Same as our Zip Blinds, our crank system can easily fit up to 5 meter width. Instead of pulley, these system use a pole to control the fabric. Do take some time to view how this system work here. Pole is certainly more durable than pulley as the size of the control is such a big different.   Why choose Crank system? A lot of our client always got headache where they wanted only 1 whole piece of blinds instead of dividing into 2 or 3. Where there will be some windguide or sideguide in the middle of nowhere. Standard Outdoor blinds is usually divide into a few pieces as it is always recommended under 2.5m width. but with our Crank system, we can solve these problem easily. Imaging if you need to divide into 2 pieces of blinds in such area. You will have to put some windguide in the middle of the backyard or Petio. which will become very inconvenient for people that need to walk in and out. I doubt anyone would actually prefer that!   Why Us!!! In Singapore MTM Curtains, we always heard what our client need. And will try our best to bring in the Right type of system... read more

Motorised Curtains Control by Handphone

In a smart world, everyone is looking to simplify lifestyles and make life easier. Motorised Curtains is one of the choice that most people take nowadays. You don’t have to walk over to pull the curtains when you want to watch a movie at home. You can easily control the curtains on your sofa. You don’t have to walk in the dark to pull open the curtains. You can easily control the curtains on your bed. Not only you can easily control your curtains without walking to the curtains. To make life even more easier. Now in Singapore MTM Curtains, we also bring in the Motorised Curtains Control by Handphone. We believe that a lot of people had try before finding their controller. You don’t have to look for your controller anymore. Sleeping and resting is one of the most important activity we do. That most likely take up 1/3 of our life. Thus, a lot people choose blackout curtains for better sleeping environment. Also, a lot of our client had this experience that they cannot wake up in the morning due to it is too dark. Therefore we bring in these apps that can help to improve our client lifestyle. With smart apps nowadays, not only you can control your curtains by handphone. you can also put setting like open/close at the timing you want with our smart apps. For instance, you won’t have the trouble to wake up due to too dark in the morning. In Singapore MTM Curtains, we always strive to look for new system and product that suit our client need. To know more... read more

Intro to Combi Blinds and how it works?

New Highlights Combi blinds is a new highlights these days to the window furnishing industries. It is commonly named as Korean blinds or Rainbow blinds. Some even called it a Dual shades blinds, Zebra blinds or Horizontal blinds. How Combi blinds works? As much as it is populated now but not many knows how does it actually works! It is made up of two layers of different fabrics which incorporated both polyester and perforated materials together. There is a control pulley system to lift up or lower down the blinds just like how a roller blinds does while interchange between the two fabrics. This innovative creations works block out total privacy when adjusted to close up in-between the perforated gaps and also works wonderfully to allow minimal of natural light and heat to pass through at your own adjustment. Attraction to Combi Blinds Combi blinds definately live up to it’s name. We have shades of pink, blues, green, and even rainbow colours. There is a mast selections on the fabrics colours and textures which makes it unexpectedly attractive. This is also why people called it a Rainbow blinds when initially nobody knows its name and how does it work. Maintenance solution Because the material is not suitable to be wipe with a damp cloth like a roller blinds conveniently. Therefore it might be slightly tedious on the maintenance portion. What we recommend for cleaning is simply feather-dust the Combi blinds and brushes a little at those perforated portion. You might want to soft vacuum it too occasionally at your preference. Things to consider other than the “look” of the blinds 1)... read more


Singapore MTM Curtains 提供新加坡一站式窗帘服务。 从窗帘到铁花窗甚至到隔热膜。 以下让我们简单的介绍我们公司的产品。   窗帘 窗帘里又分别有以下几种。 标准窗帘 - 遮阳程度从50%到70%。 通常这种窗帘布料比较柔软比较薄。 它的用途是用于来遮挡隐私又不会把整间房间 变暗。 遮光窗帘 - 分别有遮阳程度从80%到90%, 还有一种是100%遮阳的。 它的用途是用于来遮挡隐私又可以遮阳。 在 Singapore MTM Curtains, 我们拥有高质量的100%遮阳窗帘。 我们的100%遮阳布料是密封布料, 没有带任何背衬。可以直接用洗衣机洗。 普遍的100%遮阳窗帘布料是乳胶或者硅胶背衬。 需要干洗才能保护它的质地。 窗纱窗帘 - 基本遮阳程度0%到5%。 它的作用是来于挡住刺眼的阳光但同时又不会 遮住外面的风景。在白天甚至能拥有遮挡隐私 的作用。 卷帘 卷帘 - 通常用于在住家或者在商业办公室。 它的设计简单又整洁。给人很干净的感觉。 在 Singapore MTM Curtains, 我们不但拥有漂亮的设计, 我们还可以复印您要的图案在卷帘上。 户外卷帘 户外卷帘 - 顾名思义就是用于户外的卷帘。 在 Singapore MTM Curtains, 我们拥有最新跟最耐用的布料和系统。 韩式组合卷帘 韩式组合卷帘 - 来自韩国的最新产品。它有很多不同的叫法, 有人称它为韩国帘,彩虹帘,斑马帘或者 组合帘。 在 Singapore MTM Curtains, 我们拥有最新最炫的系统。 我们有不同的系统,从普通, 双管到半自动式的。 虽说是最新的产品, 但现在已是新加坡最受欢迎的产品之一了。 普遍都能在新的组屋区或公寓看的到。 百叶窗 百叶窗 - 一直以来都是最受欢迎的产品之一。 我们也一直有更新我们的系统。 有简易升降系统确保您不用九牛二虎之力 都能轻易的升降我们的百叶窗, 还有我们的隐私系统能确保我们的百叶窗 在超过2米高度时的密度比一般的百叶窗更密。 垂直百叶窗 - 垂直百叶窗 - 通常都会在办公楼看得见。就算有时候办公楼 的窗口太大太高,它都能完整的遮住任何角度。 确保您能安心的讨论商业机密。 隔热膜 隔热膜 - 我们公司也有帮人粘隔热膜,沙膜或者隐私膜。 隔热膜的作用就是能防热。也能选择用遮光膜 来挡住阳光和隐私。 沙膜 沙膜 - 通常都会在公寓的厕所或者办公室看得见。 它的作用是来遮挡隐私同时又不会遮挡 外面的阳光。 铁花窗 铁花窗 - 我们代理了普通铝的铁花窗还有透明的铁花窗。 还有更多的产品没有办法一一的说明。 如有需要随时欢迎各位联络我们。 让我们的销售服务人员有机会进一步的 介绍我们优质的窗帘产品。... read more