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Singapore MTM Curtains 提供新加坡一站式窗帘服务。 从窗帘到铁花窗甚至到隔热膜。 以下让我们简单的介绍我们公司的产品。   窗帘 窗帘里又分别有以下几种。 标准窗帘 - 遮阳程度从50%到70%。 通常这种窗帘布料比较柔软比较薄。 它的用途是用于来遮挡隐私又不会把整间房间 变暗。 遮光窗帘 - 分别有遮阳程度从80%到90%, 还有一种是100%遮阳的。 它的用途是用于来遮挡隐私又可以遮阳。 在 Singapore MTM Curtains, 我们拥有高质量的100%遮阳窗帘。... read more


Blinds is a general term for a varies types of window blind made of PVC and polyester, wood, or even fabric materials depending on the types. They are usually held together by the system with string attached at the sides for control purposes. Trend Blinds in 2019... read more

Roller Blinds | Tips and Information

The roller blinds is basically a round retractable tube fabricated with a sheet of material you choose. It is control via the pulley system with strings attached to the sides for pulling up or down. Often people get bored of seeing the same look of their room and want... read more