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Blinds is a general term for a varies types of window blind made of PVC and polyester, wood, or even fabric materials depending on the types.

They are usually held together by the system with string attached at the sides for control purposes.

Trend Blinds in 2019

  1. Luxurious materials

For the material blinds 2019, choosing luxurious material that exude affluence will be an extremely popular top window treatment design trend.  Luxurious material window treatments wonderfully giving any room a regal and grand feel. Choose material where window coverings are rich, attractive, and well suited for any prominent space.

  1. High Technology

Not only for vehicle are using high technology but for blinds also using a high technology. It is because knowing that customer want a simple thing that makes them get easier without using a lot of energy in using the technology. Motorised system or heavy duty system can be an alternative for  customers who are looking at durability or high technology.

  1. High Quality

Many people decide on their purchase only by looking at the pricing.  Do they know that it is important to have a good quality as well? Cheaper alternative such as lower end material or cheaper system can cause owner a lot of problems or inconvenience when using the blinds. Because the quality is very influential with the durability of the product. The product could definitely last a long time if you purchase a better system or material at a higher quality. You would be surprise that the pricing would not cost you too drastic differences. So why not?

Now we know the trend of blinds, and I know many of us are confused choosing blind to suit our windows. But here I will tell you how to choose the one blind to your windows.

Window blinds are household furnishings that seem to get cleaned only when it gets dusty over times. However, the task is not as bad as it is made out to be. Cleaning the blinds requires few cleaning aid materials and only takes a few minutes. Trust us, when you notice that your allergies have lessened and there are not as many dusty particles floating in the air, you’ll be grateful you spent the time to do a good clean.

Here Best Tips to Clean Blinds that already collected.

1. Bamboo

To clean the bamboo blinds, you must give a little care. Vacuum them with a brush attachment, holding it an inch away from the material to not create suction that could damage the material. Be sure to avoid wiping anything across the surface and just use a vacuum to clean them.

2. Timber

Most Timber blinds are treated with a special finish to repel dirt and stains. Timber blinds can be cleaned with a good quality furniture polish and a soft cloth or clean sock. Spray the furniture polish on the cloth and wipe each slat individually. Avoid touching the cords. To clean timber blinds do not use too much water, because it will accelerate damage to the blinds.

3. Venetian

You can use gloves or socks made from cotton. Let the dust is not scattered, dip the gloves or sock into clean water, wring it out half dry and wipe one by one on each layer of the venetian blinds. If dust still attached, you can also clean it once again by using a piece of soft cloth. Keep in mind, You should be careful when about to clean it up, because the venetian blinds lining is thin, it can be scratched and hurt your fingers.

4. Roller

It depends on the type of material you choose for your roller blinds. We would suggest for fabric material you can use the tip of a vacuum type brush bristles smooth, and then clear in slowly. For PVC and polyester material you can go clean with feather duster material wool. For difficult stains on your PVC polyester material simply use a sponge rubber. To clean with a liquid cleanser, spray the liquid on the patchwork, then cleaned using patchwork.

We would like to highlight that the latest new trend in 2019 is the Combi Blinds. Because they have two tones of colour and material which is definitely an eye catchy blind in your home. Often people installed it in modern offices too.

4. Combi or Rainbow Blinds

You may want to know more about combi blinds or it’s other name as rainbow blinds, dual shades, zebra blinds etc.

We have a news and trend talking about this combi blinds and it’s popularity being so attractive.