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Curtains or drape is a piece of cloth that hangs down from above a window and can be used to cover the window or a piece of cloth intended to block or obscure light, or drafts, or water in the case of a shower curtain.

The best place to installed Curtains

1. Bedroom

Night Curtains for Eight River Suites Condo (1)Best Color for Blinds|Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

2. Meeting Room

Grey Curtains for living roomBest Color for Blinds|Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

3. Living Room

Day and Night Curtains in living roomBest Color for Blinds|Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

4. Office room

Altez - Day and Night Curtains Singapore | Blinds in Singapore Mtm Curtains 5

5. Dining room

Soft Red Curtains|Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

Kinds of Material that are Famous


Silk is a natural fiber and one of the most sought after in the world. This delicate fiber can be woven into truly incredible, beautiful, and luxurious textiles. This is can evoke an aura of both lightness and luxury, making them ideal for use in homes that incorporate traditional style, romantic style, or period styles such as Rococo style.


The term “velvet” actually describes the construction of the curtain fabric, rather than the fiber contents; therefore it’s possible to find this kinds in a variety of different fibers. There are synthetic velvets, silk velvets, linen velvets, cotton velvets, and poly/cotton velvets, just to name just a few possibilities.


This is a are part of the Basix range of bedding and household co-ordinates which are designed with simple hems to blend seamlessly with all the HMCo ranges.

Other Curtain Materials

It can be made from just about any sort of fabric, including synthetics, cotton, poly-cotton, and other blends.

The Trend color suggestion

There are some color that we are suggesting to makes your house more wonderful as you wish. They are:

1. Pink color

Pink curtains for bedroom Soft Red Curtains|Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

2. Luxury blue color

Luxury blue Curtains |Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

3. Color combination like black and red, black and silver, black and white, grey and blue

Combination White and Brown Curtains in Hotel| Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

4. Brown color

Brown Curtains Combine Blue Curtains in living room| Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

5. Purple color

Purple Curtains in the Family Root| Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

6. Yellow scarf color

Brown Curtain Combines with Light Yellow| Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

The Trend for window treatment

Sometimes we are confused to choose drape for our house to make our house more colorful and beautiful. The beautiful of the it is really important for your house because the drape is being seeking by others like our neighbor when walking through your house or pass from your house for jogging, they usually looking around into left or right side. Next one who are severely seeking is your guest, when they come in into your house they also looking around that is already an habit as a human. Because of this things, so we have an suggestion for you to take attention for having a window treatment that makes more beautiful.

1. Layering

Layering is  popular from now days, the overall look remains clean, and the palette is usually consistent for both treatments.  Blending color rather than contrasting ones work best when you want to layer treatments. Any type of blind can be used under drapes for a layered look. And you can purchase rods with elbows that allow you to span the width of a bay window.

2.The Pattern

You can’t get wrong with geometric patterns, trellis designs, large scale florals, bold colors, whimsical motifs etc because all of this will affect the result of the performance of your curtains when it was been installed.

3. Banding

Vertical or horizontal banding is very popular and adds beautiful detailing and interest to any plain drape. You can add banding to good advantage if you want to add visual height or width to a space.

You could see also our portofolio that could give inspiration for your room.

Thank you for choosing Singapore MTM Curtains, we committed to making to measure to your needs!