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Why Us?

Why us? Curtains & Blinds Singapore.

Company like us do curtains & blinds Singapore manufacturing and wholesale. retail stores, residential or commercial is all our customer and we have returning customers which make us motivated.

-Upgraded System –  *Good News here*

euHabitat - Day & Night Curtains (2)

For Curtains,

1. No more old school Steel Hook or normal slot-in PVC hooks! We have upgraded to the in-sewn Micro-flex PVC hooks which allow the hook to stay in place and firm inside the curtains pleat. Note: Remember to take out the Micro-flex hooks during washing.

2. The usual blackout curtains is single latex backing which is non-machine washable. Right now we have new blackout which is 4 pass silicon backing material and best thing is this is machine washable!

3. We have upgraded the blackout curtains again on the July 2019. Now we have blackout curtains without any backing. We call it seal technology fabric. The fabric is fabricated so perfectly that the light cannot go through therefore we don’t have to add any backing to the fabric to make it blackout.

For Blinds,

The Trillium - Outdoor Roller Blinds| Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

1. Outdoor Roller Blinds on extra durability – Durable Series.

Broader and bigger tube system mechanism, besides that the roller blinds material is made up of a woven based cloth of high tenacity polyester yarn which proven the tear strength, tensile strength and dimensional stability on the finished products.

Most importantly, for this material there is this PVDF exterior coating on the surface that generate protection against atmospheric chemical, microbial and fungal attacks.

Lastly, besides that our services to you is that we are able to in-sewn the bottom bar with the material – it will look classy from the normal white bar at the bottom.

Rainbow blinds dual shade system | Curtains and Blinds

2. Combi Blinds

We sell only authentic Combi Blinds imported from Korea therefore it allows us upgrade and besides that we have more than 1 types of upgrade for your selection.

– Dual Shade –

– Semi Auto (Hold Down) –

Take a close look at our hand, we just have to pull and hold for the blinds to come down.

– Semi Auto (Touch Down) – 

Is very similar to our semi auto hold down. You don’t have to hold down the pulley, Just pull and walk away and the blinds will come down on its own. Sound good right? Is like semi motorised.

Do look for our Curtains & Blinds Singapore consultant to see the mock-up sample on how our Combi Blinds system works.

Easylift Timber Venetian Dual Shade Blinds|Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

3. Venetian Blinds

We can upgrade our Venetian blinds to easy lift system or smart privacy system.

Where easy lift system can lighten the weight to about 30% to 40%. Smart privacy system allow you to close the slabs tighter for privacy.

We are not using the chain system (pulling chain like roller blinds) and tell people that we are easy lift.

yes pulling chain system can lighten the weight of the Venetian blinds but it will take you forever to pull up the slat.

We are using the authentic knot system that you can pull up and down the Venetian blinds just by pulling the string.

Most Venetian blinds the gaps open wider when the height is above 75″.

Our privacy system can keep the gaps smaller.

Message from Singapore MTM Curtains:

We look forward to bring in more good product on Curtains & Blinds Singapore so that our customer can enjoy the best of both world.

Be it roller blinds, curtains, films, bifold door or any other products we made-to-measure for you.

Good product with good pricing. Thank you.