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New Highlights

Combi blinds is a new highlights these days to the window furnishing industries. It is commonly named as Korean blinds or Rainbow blinds.

Some even called it a Dual shades blinds, Zebra blinds or Horizontal blinds.

How Combi blinds works?

As much as it is populated now but not many knows how does it actually works!

It is made up of two layers of different fabrics which incorporated both polyester and perforated materials together.

There is a control pulley system to lift up or lower down the blinds just like how a roller blinds does while interchange between the two fabrics.

This innovative creations works block out total privacy when adjusted to close up in-between the perforated gaps and also works wonderfully to allow minimal of natural light and heat to pass through at your own adjustment.

Attraction to Combi Blinds

Combi blinds definately live up to it’s name. We have shades of pink, blues, green, and even rainbow colours.

combi blinds in pink

There is a mast selections on the fabrics colours and textures which makes it unexpectedly attractive.

This is also why people called it a Rainbow blinds when initially nobody knows its name and how does it work.

Maintenance solution

Because the material is not suitable to be wipe with a damp cloth like a roller blinds conveniently. Therefore it might be slightly tedious on the maintenance portion.

What we recommend for cleaning is simply feather-dust the Combi blinds and brushes a little at those perforated portion. You might want to soft vacuum it too occasionally at your preference.

Things to consider other than the “look” of the blinds

1) Mechanism System

Something to share about is the Combi blinds mechanism system. Automated system or semi-auto system is already available right now in the market.

Instead of manual pulley system, automated or semi-auto system is enhanced to quickly adjust your selection and react more conveniently with minimum effort.

2) Price

One of the most straight-forward key is to take note of the price comparison.

The different types of system you will be getting and the types of material designs you selected affects the pricing.

Take note that the measurement plays a big part in all quotation too. Often customers do not know they are being quote for what size of window furnishing they are getting.

3) Trusted Suppliers

In view of the scammers we heard of these days, it is always good to do a background checks on all suppliers company before you make any purchase beforehand.

Local companies are definitely a plus point where you should be able to find them easily through different platforms. Easily contactable and faster responds.

Probably the best we can suggest is from direct recommendation through word of mouth.

4) Warranty

This is also something to look into in accordance of point no. 3. The trust worthy ones will give you the most sincere and straight forward guarantee of warranty assurance.

Know your purchase rights such as after warranty period what are the cost incurred etc.

Understood and Moving on

Do contact us to find out more if you are excited about the Combi blinds like we do.

Probably you may easily find the blinds in the market nowadays as it is already so popular.

BUT feel free to hear from us!

All Combi blinds system we have is directly imported and fabricated from Korea factory. Good news are, the enhanced system only cost slightly more than the basic ones which is worth for consideration.

At Singapore MTM Curtains, we made to measure to satisfy your needs!