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Rainbow blinds in Singapore

It has become one of the most popular and commonly inquire in Singapore.

Some others called them Combi Blinds while some give name such as Zebra Blinds.

Our basics commonly used system

Open or closed slats has to be manually adjust for the common basic rainbow blinds system.

In this case, we cannot choose the desire level we want it to be, be it open or close. Usually it will be too low or too high not according to our convenience and desire.

This is what the common rainbow blinds pulley system do.

New Solutions

But right now, it’s absolutely different!

This semi auto Rainbow Blinds enables you to stop the blinds in any levels you desire.

It block the sun rays or to block your privacy etc, at the same time giving desire sunlight in to make your room looks brighter.

The only similarity between the common one and our semi auto system is, we do pull it manually to open and close the blinds too, but the adjustments is different.

Semi Auto System

The system automatically close at the initial stage while we can continue to pull and stop it whenever we want it to be.

Similarly when you want to open the blinds, the system will automatically open the slabs first while we can roll up the blinds to whenever we want it to be again.

We installed the semi auto system at our customer place and took a real life video on the rainbow blinds.

Video Illustration


As it shows you how it close it’s slabs at the initial part and you may pull down to any level you want. While vice versa when you want to roll up, it’s slab will open up and you can roll up to which ever eye level you need.

Let’s shout WOW!

Isn’t it cool and adequately providing just what the rainbow blinds should be?

Singapore MTM Curtains now have the absolutely cool solution for you, providing a better living lifestyle.

At Singapore MTM Curtains, we made to measure to satisfy your needs!