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Frosted film & Roller Blinds Installed

Frosted film & Roller Blinds Installed

This is our updates on the window frosted film and roller blinds installation at circuit road HDB flat. Window Frosted Film The frosted film provide adequate privacy with no drilling works involved. In addition to the privacy given it does not block off the natural light from coming into the area. The complete installation looks neat, clean and according to what the customer desires to be. For all of the other area such as bedrooms and living rooms we have installed the roller blinds as the ideal choices according to our customer. The reason being is because the home has small windows. Small windows and smaller space requires space planning and roller blinds can provide a neat and privacy to fit into what the customer requires. Different colours of the blinds can be fabricate as well to match the room colours. Furthermore it is actually more cost savings to install the roller blinds in this case due to small windows and coverage needed. The roller blinds can be easily adjustable to stop at what you want the length to be. Such as if you are going to bulit a table top in the future the blinds will not obstruct you at all. We are happy to provide our valuable advise and recommendation to fits our happy customers. At Singapore MTM Curtains, we made-to-measure and fabricate to your needs. Thank you for choosing...