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Day curtains work at Nassim Road

Day curtains work at Nassim Road

Updated previous day curtains enhancement work at Nassim Road. Why add on day curtains? Was asked to enhance the current roller blinds furnishing by install the day curtains in addition to the roller blinds. In fact the roller blinds was installed previously due to the several reasons and it still serves it’s purpose, working well for the customers. One of the reasons is that the window is small and having roller blinds installed will be most cost effective. While at the same time serving the blinds purpose of easy maintenance and adjustable to certain heights conveniently. However customer might prefer to use the curtains for a more cozy feel by blocking off the views of the roller blinds. At the same time use as a enhancement to block off lights that shines in-between the gaps of the blinds. At Singapore MTM Curtains, we made-to-measure fabricate to your needs. Thank you for choosing...