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Dim out curtains & roller blinds

Dim out curtains & roller blinds

Updated on our previous dim out curtains and roller blinds installation work at a Canberra 5-room BTO flat. Why Dim out? This is not bulky and thicker as compared to blackout curtains and blinds. In addition, the materials works better than normal night curtains that allow a stronger blockage of 70 – 80%. Dim out curtains or blinds? You can choose to have it both, dim out actually refers to the material used but it is not restricted to only curtains or blinds. Sharing the installation images below for your reference. Curtains are chosen for the master bedroom and living room area to provide a more cosy ambiance. Sandy brown roller blinds was installed for the other 2 rooms for a more cost saving and space saving idea. It enhanced the room with a neat and useful usage. Do check out our you tube video on the completed installation work for both curtains and blinds.   At Singapore MTM Curtains, we made-to-measure and fabricate to your needs. Furthermore tips and news on curtains and blinds is provided at our websites for your reference. Feel free to consult our team for more information or advises on your window furnishings or read up on the tips and news during your free time. Thank...