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Zouk Office – Vertical and Roller Blinds

Zouk Office – Vertical and Roller Blinds

We are thankful to install Vertical and Roller Blinds for Zouk’s office.

Pictures installed for Vertical and Roller Blinds is as shown below:

Offices blinds is a very minimal basics requirement, commonly achieve to gives privacy during discussion and meetings. As you can see the width of meeting room is very big, thus we recommend our client to do vertical blinds to have the privacy without any open gaps in between the blinds and they have have their pieces of mind during the confidential meeting.

Zouk Office  - Vertical and Roller Blinds

And for staff areas, roller blinds can be reinforced to block off the sharp glare from the morning sunlight. Zouk Office - Roller Blinds (1)Zouk Office - Roller Blinds (2)

Do feel free to contact us to enquiry which of the blinds is more suitable for you.