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Tampines GreenRidges – Dualshade

Tampines GreenRidges – Dualshade

Completed Projects for dualshade @ Tampines GreenRidges

Take a look at our photo & video of our dual shade.


Dualshade - Carisma BO (1)- Hall Dualshade - Carisma BO (3) - Hall

Room 1

Dualshade - Carisma BO (2) - Rm1

Room 2

Dualshade - Carisma BO (11) - Rm2 Dualshade - Carisma BO (10) - Rm2

Room 3

Dualshade - Carisma BO (9) - Rm3 Dualshade - Carisma BO (8) - Rm3

Take a look at our video, dualshade is a upgrade system for combi blinds.

In the video you can actually see that when we roll down the blinds, the front and back of the fabric come down together when standard combi blinds will only have either the front or back fabric coming down. Dualshade let you to choose to open and close the gaps of the blinds at any of your prefer height. This is one of the most popular system. The pros for this system is even in the future if you plan to build a cardboard or bay window, it can still close the gap when you put down the blinds at different height, when standard combi blinds might not be able to close the gap when drop to different height.

In Singapore MTM Curtains, we always provide to upgrade to better system other than only 1 type of normal standard system.

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