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Tampines Greenforest – window furnishing

Tampines Greenforest – window furnishing

Full window furnishing being installed here at this project located at Tampines Greenforest.

From curtains to blinds, we actually recommend and installed different types of designs and materials here.

Living room installed with day and night curtains.

With this day & night curtains, you can choose to have the close the day curtains in the day time to allow the light to come in the house and have the privacy at the same time. You can also choose to close the night curtains when you want the room to be darker while watching TV and movies.

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The 1st bed room is a perforated roller blinds, this blinds allow the light to come in while block the glare and privacy in the day time too, this types of blinds usually done more for study room as you won’t want your study room to be so dark when you pull down the blinds and you have to on the light for studying.

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The 2nd bedroom is our animal design roller blinds, its meant for the children. The design is cute and won’t be as boring as the plain material. Although after sometime, it might not be in trend anymore but I suppose the most important part for the parents is the children will enjoy their children times in the rooms. In Singapore MTM Curtains, we are specialize in fabricating children design window furnishing.

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The Master Bedroom will be a design roller blinds to make the room look more stylish than just plain PVC material.

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Different window furnishing have their very own purpose,  do contact us to let our sales consultants introduce you which of the window furnishing is more suitable for you.