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PVC Venetian Blinds Easy lift & privacy @ Hougang HDB

PVC Venetian Blinds Easy lift & privacy @ Hougang HDB

Jobs Completed for PVC Venetian Blinds Easy lift & privacy @ Hougang HDB.

PVC Venetian Blinds Easy Lift & Privacy @ 407 hougang ave 10 #12-1092  (2)

Our Client wanted to have the Venetian blinds for the balcony. They have a very clear and nice view. So we do also recommend this blinds for them. As this Venetian blinds have the feature to open the gap in between the slat as above photo shown. This feature allow you to have the outside view and have the privacy from people looking into the room on same level and above.

However the normal Venetian Blinds will be very heavy for the lady to handle the blinds. Therefore we recommended our PVC Venetian Blinds Easy lift & privacy. Our upgraded system can lighten the blinds weight about 30% to 40%, in addition we can keep the gap tight with our privacy system even the height is more than 70 inches.

Normal system Venetian Blinds will be heavy when you pull up the blinds. Secondly, the gap will become bigger and bigger after the height of 70 inches. I’m sure some of you have purchase a full height Venetian Blinds before and have this issue of having the blinds gap too big.

Our Easylift and privacy system is authentic with knot system. With one pull is enough for the blinds to be up or down. We also notice that there are a lot of people misunderstand the easylift, and thought that the pulley chain system is easylift. We don’t call the pulley chain easylift. Yes the pulley chain can indeed lighten the weight when pulling. But it will take you forever to keep the blinds up or down. Most of us will need to pull the blinds up and down almost everyday unless you don’t open the window at all.

Do not worry. In Singapore MTM Curtains, our upgraded PVC Venetian Blinds Easy lift & privacy can prevent all this issue. We can keep the blinds up or down easily with a single pull. Further more we can also keep the gap tight even the height is above 70 inches.

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