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Bartley Resident-Curtains, Blinds & Frosted Films

Bartley Resident-Curtains, Blinds & Frosted Films

Only have the time now to post this now, We think we have posted quite a number of complete works for Project Bartley Resident installing Curtains and Blinds & Frosted Films and miss out this! In fact, this job has been installed for few months already.

This is one of our proudest work as the metallic silver color fabrics really matches the chandelier and design curtain and blinds of our customer’s house, giving a completely grand feel.

Choosing the fabrics can be a knowledge as well, not only looking at the design but you got to feel the materials and know the specs well, achieve longer life spans and looking great as always!

Below are the pictures of the installed work:

Living Room Hall

Master Bed Room

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

As roller blinds are unable to install due to blocking of the walls, thus frosted film is installed to block out privacy.

Frosted film for the toilet in Master bedroom


As we can see from the the picture, we have installed the blinds in the bathrooms but fortunately