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Outdoor Zip Blinds

Outdoor Zip Blinds

Outdoor Zip Blinds @ The Interlace


Outdoor Zip Blinds is very common nowadays as almost everyone would like to block out almost 100% of the rain.

Some people also do Zip Blinds with the intention to keep the aircon inside the balcony.

We do have 0% openness material that can help to prevent the aircon from leaking.

Somethings interesting to share about our outdoor zip blinds.

Ours can easily do up to 4.5m or even 5m width if needed.

In the same project you can see that others Zip blinds will need to divide into a few pieces.

Below is the image of others Zip Blinds.

They will usually need to divide into a few pieces with the structure in-between.

We know that not everyone like to have a structure in between that block up the view.

With our zip blinds, you don’t have to worry about your beautiful view being block up.

You can see our video here.

Our Zip Blinds is solid and sturdy enough to put up as one whole piece.

In Singapore MTM Curtains, we always strive to bring in good product that our client need.

Do feel free to contact us to know more about our products.



Posted on

March 24, 2023