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Outdoor blinds @ landfill Islands

Outdoor blinds @ landfill Islands

Outdoor blinds @ landfill island.

This is the 1st time we have install the outdoor blinds @ landfill island out of the mainland.

we have make sure the installation run smoothly, as this place cannot travel by car.


Unlike normal installation, there are a few challenges we face to install this outdoor blinds @ landfill island :

  1. Labour to move all the outdoor blinds and equipment to the landfill islands. No vehicle can travel to the landfill islands so we have to loads/unload all equipment by ferry, lucky enough with all the team work. we manage to move all items smoothly without any items falling into the sea.
  2. There are weird angle at the site, as you can see the root is slanting. we attached different type of bracket to straighten the blinds.


3. In additional, this job is on top of the container. Because the top of the container is waterproof, no drilling is allow. Therefore we can only recommend to wield metal pcs at the bottom part to make sure we have space to mount the windguide onto.

4. One of the outdoor blinds have to drop the bottom bar in between the railing and the stair as shown below. we also taken into consideration before we upgrade the bar into round bottom bar.



In conclusion, with all the professionalism with Singapore MTM Curtains.

With all the challenges above, our team manage to install this outdoor blinds @ landfill island within one day with all the awareness created.

Not forgetting to mention, in Singapore MTM Curtains, we also have the heavyduty outdoor system for you to choose to upgrade into.

With Singapore MTM Curtains, you can rest assure for us to install the outdoor blinds @ landfill island for you.

Do feel free to contact us for more enquiry,


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August 12, 2021