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Nikki Roller Blinds @ HDB Nanyang Emerald

Nikki Roller Blinds @ HDB Nanyang Emerald

Jobs Completed for Nikki Roller Blinds @ HDB Nanyang Emerald

Our client wants somethings to block off the light and have the privacy at the same time. Therefore we recommended our client to take our roller blinds.

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First of all, as this is not a BTO HDB project. So there is a lot of stuff laying around in the home. So we recommended our roller blinds as this blinds is very space efficient. This type of blinds is neat and tidy. Just a thin layer of material to cover the window for light and privacy.

Blackout material is surely the most popular material used in residential. This material block off 100% of the sunlight. But do noted that there is still light coming in from every side of the blinds. Even though, the darkness in the room is still very good to sleep in for most Asian. Also this material provide the most privacy, not even the shadow on the blinds.

Our Nikki roller blinds is definitely one of the most durable system we have ever used. We always have customers come back to us to get new blinds for their new homes. Because the blinds we have done for them years ago still lasting and smooth. It is very smooth to pull our pulley for this particular brand.

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