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Motorised Outdoor Roller Blinds @ Senior Corner

Motorised Outdoor Roller Blinds installed @ senior corner under HDB Block.

A throwback job that we have installed Motorised Outdoor Roller Blinds @ Senior Corner under HDB Block.

Been living in Singapore for almost 4 decade.

We have never seen any outdoor blinds under the HDB block for Senior Corner before.

Maybe we are the 1st to put up the blinds in the community.

Little did we know that the government is so nice.

The blinds is being put up based on Uncles request because the rain is coming into the senior corner and disturb their lepak time.

And the town council really answer to their request.

Kudos to our Government.

Click here to view how the Motorised Outdoor Roller Blinds works.

In these video you can also see that our guy is so accurate in measuring the blinds and find the space in between the gaps to put up the blinds.

Putting up the blinds in a very constraint space block with the piping, beam and the metal bars.

We are proud to said that only the experience sales and installer can team up to put up these jobs.

Also share that we one of the best in supply outdoor roller blinds.

We do have zip blinds and crank system that can fit nicely into your large outdoor area.

Check out here to view more of our product.

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April 19, 2024