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MINDS – Vertical Blinds

MINDS – Vertical Blinds

Completed project to install vertical blinds at MINDS

Currently one of the oldest and largest non-government organisation is MINDS, Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore.

and we are proud to be one of their vendors. Thank you for choosing us.

Let us introduce our vertical blinds more.

Vertical blinds is commonly use in office, you can choose to flip open and close the gap from left to right.

The vertical blinds is choose before other blinds usually when the office width is too big for other blinds.

and when the office choose not to have any width gap in between the blinds.

Other blinds have a maximum width of about 3m while the vertical blinds can cover the width more than 3m easily.

even when vertical blinds is separate into 2 sets, the blinds can overlap each other to block out the gaps.

unless the office don’t mind to have gap in between each blinds or when they have window frame to block up the gaps.

Do feel free to contact us and let our sales consultant to recommend you which of the curtains or blinds suit your place more.