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Korean Combi Blinds @ Fernvale Woods

Korean Combi Blinds @ Fernvale Woods

Jobs completed for Korean Combi Blinds @ Fernvale Woods.

Our client wanted the venetian blinds at first. But we still recommend our Korean Combi blinds as our consultant think that this blinds is more suitable for the couple. Here are some of the photo of our Korean Combi Blinds.

Korean Combi Blinds (2)

Korean Combi Blinds (4)

Korean Combi Blinds (1)

First of all, this is a BTO Studio apartment. Our couple client is both ages around 40 to 50 plus. When we first approach our client, they wanted the venetian blinds but our sales consultant think that the our korean combi blinds is more suitable. As this blinds is much lighter than the venetian blinds. Even though we have easy lift for the venetian but we still think that it is still a stress for the auntie to pull the blinds up and down almost every day.

Also we always wanted the best for our clients. We not only sell what our clients wants. We will always recommend the most suitable curtains and blinds to our client.

Korean combi blinds is similar with venetian blinds as both of it can open and close the gaps in between.

We are also one of the few that sell authentic Korean Combi Blinds. And only authentic Korean Combi Blinds allow you to upgrade the system to dualshade and semi auto system. Click here and know more about our upgrade system for Korean Combi Blinds.

Feel free to contact us to know more about our product.



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August 23, 2019