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Dimout Vertical Blinds @ WCEGA Plaza

Dimout Vertical Blinds @ WCEGA Plaza
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Our client complain that the light is too glaring and hot for them therefore we recommended the Dimout Vertical Blinds for our client.  This blinds helps to reduce the glare and the heat as the light is block off by the blinds. Dimout material is also a better choice for office as it won’t make the whole office too dark.

Dimout vertical blind @ office (1)


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This blinds is suitable for long window. As you can see, this blinds can cover all the way from left to right without having any gaps in between. This blinds have no issue to cover the length of about 6 meter. We can divide the blinds into 2 sets and overlap it. Therefore we can cover the whole length without any gaps. You can also flip the slat to open/close the gaps to block the sunlight and have the outside view as well. This feature will let your office to have more scenery instead of an enclose office when the blinds is close. Do contact us to know more about our product.