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Dim out curtains at Aljunied Lane

Dim out curtains at Aljunied Lane

Here is our update for previous dim out curtains and day curtain install work.

This job is at Upper Aljunied Lane for a 5 room BTO HDB flat.

Recommended customer for the pastel creme colour as the dim out curtains. It goes well with the all time popular white organza day curtains for the entire home.

As a uniform pastel theme, it looks neat, warming and cozy which is absolutely what we desire as the outcome to be.

Firstly the dim out  material is made up by 3 layers of 100% polyester. Therefore it is heavier and thicker than the normal night curtains.

Moreover, dim out curtains only allow 10 to 20% sunlight to pass through the fabric material which provide some natural brightness. However it will not appear too dark for the rooms as compared to blackout curtains.

This effect is suitable for people who wish to have minimal brightness control for the rooms. This dim out curtains is often now the populated choices for all families.

In addition, the maintenance of the dim out curtains is exactly the same as normal night curtains.

Install picture is as follow:

Day curtains and Dim out curtains (7) Day curtains and Dim out curtains (5)Day curtains and Dim out curtains (4) Day curtains and Dim out curtains (3)Day curtains and Dim out curtains (1) Day curtains and Dim out curtains (2)

Most importantly is you should always know what is your sleeping habits first before you decide on purchasing your curtains. You may consult before deciding between dim out or blackout curtains.

In other words that should you prefer having blackout curtains please check us out now.

Currently we offer better quality of blackout curtains material which is absolutely machine washable.

Tell us if you need some advise or free on site quotation.

Thank you for choosing us!

At Singapore MTM Curtains, we made to measure and fabricate to your needs.