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Customised Printed Roller Blinds at Bright Vision Hospital

Customised Printed Roller Blinds at Bright Vision Hospital

Another projects completion..

It is our pleasure to install the printed roller blinds for the old folk’s at the Bright Vision Hospital located at Lorong Napiri Road at north east area.

This printed roller blind design is based on the actual road conditions near the pedestrian crossing where motorist and our familiar SBS buses are around to help the patients to familiarize the environment.

Picture Here:

Printed Roller Blinds at Lorong Napiri - Bright Vision Hospital

The purpose of this printed roller blinds is to install specially to teach the recovery patients on how to cross the pedestrian road safely.

This is an exercise practice at Bright Vision Hospital to cultivate the patients who is recovering from walking etc to familiarize on how to cross the road and practice safety in the future.

This project is done under the assistance and partnership our great photographer – Mr Andy