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Blackout Curtains – Seal Technology @ Lumiere

Blackout Curtains – Seal Technology @ Lumiere

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Our client have the blackout roller blinds installed previously but due to the light from the gaps is still disturbing their sleep, therefore they look for us to install somethings to block off more lights and we recommended blackout curtains for them. We introduced our latest technology of our blackout curtains – seal technology fabric. This new technology is only introduce in Singapore on 2019.

In Singapore MTM Curtains, we always update our system and material to bring the best to our client. Last time the 1st type of blackout curtains is with latex backing. The latex backing need to be dry wash as normal washing will break the latex backing. Few years back, we introduce the 2nd type of 4 pass blackout curtains with silicon backing that can be machine wash. But because of the silicon backing there is still a limited of machine wash of 15 to 20 times. Now we proudly introduce our latest fabric, that is seal technology fabric. This technology do not require any backing, thus this fabric is machine washable freely just like normal curtains. And yes, even without any backing. This blackout curtains is still 100% blackout. Do contact us and arrange our sales consultant to show you our latest blackout fabric.