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Office blinds or office curtains?

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0 out of 10 company in Singapore will tell us they would like to install office blinds for their offices. There are few offices that require office curtains to create a laid-back and comfortable image on a working from home kind of ambiance.

Office blinds is more suitable to give the environment a cleaner and spacious environment. Office blinds is lower in maintenance, it is just what business office may need to portray a corporate identity representing the company.

If you are talking about retail industry – Yes!

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We fabricate curtains for the changing room in those retail shops. Retail show room creating an residential homely image also require us to fabricate curtains. String curtains is another office curtains types that helps to create an dividing area.

Retails industry consider more openly to public and welcoming, thus curtains is always their first choice instead of blinds.

You decide what you want

Now, commercial wise everybody consider office blinds over curtains.

Whether is it the bamboo chicks, roller blinds, timber binds, vertical blinds or even the motorized blinds we have solutions and professionals here to help advise you further.

There are several kind of office blinds designed with its commercial benefits.

No fret when it rains and you would like to fabricate an outdoor blinds to cover and block-out some barangs barangs at the back of your office.

No worries if you need to do an motorized roller blinds for your high, tall windows that is totally unreachable, do not feel bored and dull about your plain and unpersonalized roller blinds that your company is displaying, we can create an corporate identity for you!

Popular personalized roller blinds

As a start, introducing the personalized printed roller blinds here. Company logo or any other marketing artwork can be printed on the blinds as a customization. Then we will work on the artwork and customized the office blinds for you!

You may want to refer to our past project HERE. This is one of it that we does the customization for one of our client. Custom made the printed roller blinds for recovery old folks to learn how to cross the road safetly =)

Some of my customers even personalized their own wedding photos on the roller blinds for their own master bedroom and living room. How sweet isn’t it!?

OK, Back to track.. What im trying to mean here is that blinds is the most suitable for offices and commercial usage as it is super easy maintenance with professional look giving a neat and tidy feeling despite might looks plain or too simple at times and you might get bored looking at it.

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Vertical office blinds is another solution to provide privacy while giving supervision to the outside. It just works similarly to the timber blinds in a vertical way which is low maintenance as well.

Ultimately, every offices in Singapore should be able to achieve what they want with the help of their preferred local curtains supplier.

Singapore MTM Curtains is not only here to help you, do feel free to call us for any doubts and we are happy to share our professional values and advise.