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In a smart world, everyone is looking to simplify lifestyles and make life easier.

Motorised Curtains is one of the choice that most people take nowadays.

You don’t have to walk over to pull the curtains when you want to watch a movie at home. You can easily control the curtains on your sofa.

You don’t have to walk in the dark to pull open the curtains. You can easily control the curtains on your bed.

Not only you can easily control your curtains without walking to the curtains.

To make life even more easier. Now in Singapore MTM Curtains, we also bring in the Motorised Curtains Control by Handphone.

We believe that a lot of people had try before finding their controller.

You don’t have to look for your controller anymore.

Sleeping and resting is one of the most important activity we do. That most likely take up 1/3 of our life.

Thus, a lot people choose blackout curtains for better sleeping environment.

Also, a lot of our client had this experience that they cannot wake up in the morning due to it is too dark.

Therefore we bring in these apps that can help to improve our client lifestyle.

With smart apps nowadays, not only you can control your curtains by handphone.

you can also put setting like open/close at the timing you want with our smart apps.

For instance, you won’t have the trouble to wake up due to too dark in the morning.

In Singapore MTM Curtains, we always strive to look for new system and product that suit our client need.

To know more about Motorised Curtains Control by Handphone.

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