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We believed that when getting your first home, alot of you cannot decide to install curtains or blinds.

Singapore MTM Curtains is here to conclude some of the pointers highlight for your considerations. We shall get started now.


In Singapore, there is an increase of BTO flats building up. It is also common that BTO flat looks smaller compare to the open market second hand HDB flat out there.

Therefore, you should really consider on the space constraint you have. Curtains or blinds have both their pros and cons on the space constraint. If you met a unprofessional ID then you will have trouble installing your ideal window furnishing later part.

For instance, if you want to go for day and night curtains and your ID have build a pelmet for you. Have you checked exactly if the pelmet spacing is sufficient to install both day and night curtains The point is we need space of at least 6 inches to install both tracks.

We have met quite some numbers of our customers whom have difficulties to install the day and night curtains. Their ID actually build the pelmet too narrow that causes not enough space to install both curtains tracks. In the end they have to engaged their ID to re-do for them or they forfeited the idea to have both day and night curtains.

Another example here for you to consider curtains or blinds. If you are going to build a bay window or cabinet below your window for storage purposes etc. The recommendation is to build blinds as it will look neater while more useful.


Well, this is a tricky question whenever my customers ask me curtains or blinds?

First and foremost, it really depends on how you are using the curtains or blinds too.

From the years of experience in the industry, curtains can be more durable than to blinds as blinds requires a pulley system and it depends on which system you buy.

Cheaper goods from China does not mean it can be as durable as the one made from better quality in Germany or Europe countries. Everything got it’s pros and cons and you should really consider whether at this point you want a cheaper alternative to last for a good one to two years or so? Or you prefer a lasting one that can work more than 5 years and above?

We would say, commonly used was pulley chain system from Korea which can already last up to 5 years and above.

Even curtains depend on how you maintain or wash it too. If you use hot water to wash it and your washing machine is too old and started to scratch your curtain cloth. Then, sorry to say it is time to purchase new set now.


Tips on choosing between curtains or blinds also concerns on how big is your window size. It represents how big you are going to fabricate the materials and how many sets of curtains or blinds to fabricate to cover the whole piece of big window.

A big window size usually requires more sunshine and privacy block-out which is more suitable for choosing curtains because of the casual atmosphere and decent privacy it provides.

It will be more convenient or usage wise as you can just draw the curtains instead of doing several blinds and roll up one by one. Unless you are keen to spend on Motorized Roller Blinds to work conveniently at one touch on the controller or you simply install the blinds stagnant there not rolling up at all for privacy purposes.


We read articles just like anyone of you here to understand more on the topics here on curtains or blinds. Surprisingly, a lot of people mention that curtains are much more expensive than blinds.

No, this is not true at all. I suppose they did not compare Apple to Apple kind of comparison. Curtains comes in a lot of materials, prices can shoot really high for designed material or thicker materials but if you compare a normal night curtains to a PVC roller blinds the prices is about the same, it might be a little expensive only when you fabricate day curtains together with night curtains.

For your info, Timber blinds can be slightly more expensive than roller blinds while Roman blinds is more expensive than timber blinds. Motorized blinds can be super expensive but you pay for the motorized system. Eventually, the prices are about the same as mentions above so do not assume curtains are more expensive than blinds.

At Singapore MTM Curtains, we are currently offer promotion on our combi blinds and roller blinds.


Please, be practical when making decision as sometimes imagine owning it is totally different when you are using it, just like many of us regretted buying something you keep insisted to buy at the moment of ‘buying’. Think about the needs for this particular room, try using the points by points filter off selection to decide.


After all, this is for your home and I suggest investing in something you really like. At times, no matter it is a curtain or blinds materials that you have chosen is out of stock, try asking when will be the availability date and check if you can wait for it.

Do not rush any curtains and Blinds Company in Singapore as they would not want to hold your products, in fact they are the most eager one to install for you in order to collect the balance payment.

In anyway, the curtains or blinds are fabricated to your customized window size too, so they wouldn’t want to keep it. Eventually, choose something you really like, a little wait is definitely worthwhile!

Thank you for the read.

At Singapore MTM Curtains, we fabricate to your needs and hope we can provide more understandings to each and everyone of you out there.