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Difficulties in choosing Singapore Curtains Company?

Because there are too much suppliers out there and we know you difficulties. So we wrote this article to assist you better in engaging the right Singapore Curtains Company.

Prices and Products Comparison

First of all pricing plays a big part on the quoting and comparison part. However we would like to highlight on always engage the supplier who is able to afford a competitive pricing with quality products.

Do not only look at cheap pricing when the products you get in the end can be very cheap as well.

Furthermore the quotes you enquire online or seen on flyers might not be accurate. Because often the pricing is before GST and without installation pricing etc. The gimmicks are there to attract your attention only.

Think about it, all because consumers are not an experts in curtains and blinds. This explains why the model and system they provided might be the lowest grade.

You got to understand that some of them are just eager to earn that job from you and that’s all. It is the services and integrity that counts, we all know that Singapore Curtains Company don’t really have much returning customers like what F&B has. It is not a daily supplies or monthly thing but it is a product that all of us hope to purchase and use it for a long period of time, so all we need is in fact a better guarantee isn’t it?

Whereas some supplier could be providing the good range of system with a low price they can offer to you but only slightly more expensive than the cheaper quotation. This is a great deal to go with instead of mesmerize by the so called ‘cheap’ deals.

Furthermore, what kind of curtains tracks, rod, and runners are they providing you? Even on the slightest thing to whether they will be providing a tassels or a tie belt for your home curtains?

I have provide the difference of tie belt and tassels as below:


TASSELS 1 | Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

Tie belt

TIEBELTS 2 | Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

Always think twice and compare apple-to-apple before you make your decision.

Their Services and Efficiency

Nowadays all of the Singapore Curtains Company provides FREE-ON-SITE quotations and this isn’t special anymore. If any supplier tries to get you pay them on the deliveries, installations or even on-site quotation please do check again at their websites before you pay them.

They might be frustrated at picky customers and try to cheat you to pay them a sum of money. Do not do so without even checking. It will be best to meet them face-to-face since all of the provide a free on-site quotation and measurement, let the experts work for you and give you a precise quote to judge further.

Observation is the key

Upon meeting them you can also observe the body languages on their sincerity, expressions or even pushy salesman trying to force sell you whatever they can.

Real professionals will gave an on-site inspections and measurements before they give you their utmost advise onto what is best suited to your homes and offices. Try to pick up the pros and cons they advise and if you are happy with the professionals, why not proceed for the next step on quoting?

Should you have a budget or worries in mind, do let the consultants or salesman know so they can work out their sum for you.


Respecting one another is important and i am sure most of the salesman will provide their best solutions and services to you!

Their attitude towards you should stay throughout even after closing the deal. Seems like some of the curtains supplier do not follow up closely till the end of installation. In this case, how can you pin your hopes to them when after 6 months or 1 year down the road and you need someone to service the products?

Good reviews Singapore Curtains Company

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At Singapore MTM Curtains, we fabricate to your needs.

Thank you for your time to read this article.