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Dual Shade Blinds have been famous in the world because of the user friendly high technology.

It origins from Korea with the outlook similar to rainbow blinds or combi blinds.

There are also other names for Dual Shade Blinds that are Day and Night Blinds, Zebra Blinds that common from some people but actually they are almost same but only different in the name of a product.

Do not hesitate to look for the local window furnishing or curtains, blinds supplier to show you the demo for dual shade or combi blinds system.

Similarly to the rainbow blinds or combi blinds, it can be controlled to be totally opaque or translucent. But in fact Dual Shade Blinds works differently to the both of them.

What Is Dual Shade Blinds?

Dual Shade Blinds are the innovative design that integrated two different types of fabrics.

The fabric consists of a type of perforated fabric and either one type of dim out or blackout fabrics that works together to cover each other under the horizontal shades. Due to the color and material differences therefore it becomes a alternating horizontal tones.

Difference of Dual Shades to Combi Blinds

The dual shade system consists of two aluminium roller to enable the front and back fabric to come down at the same time. This features enables the dual shades to be able to open or close at any height of your convenience.

This is something which the Combi blinds or Rainbow blinds cannot achieve.

This is because Rainbow Blinds or Combi Blinds system only consists of one aluminium roller. Hence it only allows fabric to alternate each other no matter at which height.

Example to elaborate further

Imagine you wanted to close the blinds at probably half height but with Rainbow Blinds or Combi Blinds you might not be able to do so. Probably close to half height, abit higher or lower than your desire height.

Hope the above further explains the difference of how the dual shade and combi blind works. If unclear you may always request a demo or verify with your curtains or blinds supplier in Singapore.

For Rainbow Blinds or Combi Blinds you do it by manually that are day effect, night effect, unobstructed view.

Day effect, you can only pull the cord to align the translucent strip across the other translucent strip for an open feel and you’ll be able to see out and likewise for people to be able to see in.

Night effect, similar to the day effect motion, this time if you pull the cord to align the opaque strip to align with other opaque strip.

Unobstructed view, operates just like any other roller blinds. You just need to roll up the blinds to the top of the window frame for a clear view.

The above all information clearly illustrate how dual shades becomes a better, improvised and improved system than to the rainbow or combi.