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There are different blinds types in Singapore to choose and can be a headache at times.

If you have decided on installing blinds and have no idea which kind of blinds is most suitable. Our pointers below will provide you with better decision.

  1. Roller Blinds

In the past, different blinds types such as roller blinds is installed only in offices. However, with the improving designs nowadays people tend to choose roller blinds as their no.1 choice.

Designs such as Polka dots, flower print or even customized printable roller blinds is too attractive to resist.

Roller blinds is the best easy maintenance blinds so far. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth will do.

Customised Roller Blinds

A customized roller blind is where you can provide us a high resolution artwork and we will work on it to corporate into roller blinds of your choice. It is simply a personalized design window furnishing for your love nest.

You may want to see which material is suitable for you as it comes in fabrics materials, PVC black-out material or perforated material for different blockage purposes.

  1. Venetian Blinds – Timber Woods, PVC Wood and Aluminium Materials

This is one of the recent popular different blinds types. Advantages is that you are able to allow your desire sunlight to comes in by adjusting the slabs manually.

It is also the only blind types where you can allow airflow to comes in and circulate your place. It comes in a lot of finishes with a variety of designed tapes to match with your chosen blinds finishes.

Cons of Venetian Blinds

Unfortunately, this kind of blind types trap dust very easily and harder to maintain. Because it has a lot of horizontal panels, where you need to clean it one panel by one panel. It can be a bit of hassle on the cleaning side but for some of our customers, they feel that the classy look supersedes the bad side.

For aluminium Venetian blinds, it is light in weight and usually recommendable to fix it at the wet areas, like kitchen or service yard as mention previously it allows airflow circulations within the area plus it is cheaper and convenience to wipe clean.  Do not fret if you are afraid that timber blinds can be a lot heavier to lift as we do have a new easy lift system that aids pulling easily.

  1. Roman Blinds

This different blind types gave a homely and cozy effect. It can be installed at smaller windows, non-bulky look and with a neat and tidy look. Able to match with your curtains at home using the same material.

Cons of Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds can be even more costly as the fabrics needs to send it to sewer to fabricate into a blind where there will be a few cords in between to support the folding up effects. When you raised the blinds, you can see it folds up evenly in multiple folds layered giving a luxurious look.

Maintenance is also harder for this types of blinds. Because of the cords to support Roman blinds, you have to learn to set-up and dismantle in order to send the curtains material for laundry.

  1. Vertical Blinds

Ideal office blinds until to date as it is lasting and economical, providing a professional display in meeting rooms. The vertical panels move from left to right from an open position to a closed position. It is easy adjustable under your control, either manually or with motorized installed features when you can have privacy in the rooms yet still able to view outside. Simply close the panels completely if you have a private meetings going on, super convenience and durable. Likewise, roller blinds and timber blind is not so professionally looking than to the Vertical blinds though some offices still prefers to have Office Roller Blinds or office Timber Blinds.

  1. Rainbow and Combi Blinds

This is one of my favourite types of blinds due to the pretty colour combinations that looks like venetian blinds. It can be maintain easily like a roller blinds and works effectively with both light comes in and block off fully when not required.

It consists of a double layered of perforated sheer material and polyester in an alternating stripped design. Furthermore, Combi Blinds in Singapore comes in a lot of vibrant colors and designs that easily blends into rooms, adding an interesting fun loving piece of display as a window furnishing.