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Common household would have curtains installed at home irregardless of their needs. Out of these home owners, how many of them really have the knowledge of curtain types?

We are the experts here.

When select you ideal curtain types here in Singapore, we are here to help. You will find adequate general knowledge and information as you required.

  • Day Curtains

This is a common curtain types internationally. The material is thin, such as organza or sheer cloth. Normally day curtains should be translucent to allow light to pass through.

Natural light is able to pass through day curtains due to the sheer material. Therefore glaring sun can be block off efficiently to allow better eyesight habit.

This is very useful especially in study room where you need some light in. During nighttime, people from your opposite is unable to view in if they are on a brighter side. Therefore it also serves as a privacy.

You may want to consider installing night curtains as well to match for perfect contrast and beautified the entire outlook.

Martin Place - Sheer Curtains (2)|Roller  Blinds| MTM Curtains SIngapore

  • Standard Night Curtains

This is a another common curtain types you can find in Singapore.

These are basic fabric in the curtains types which allow both privacy and sunlight. Standard curtains is drawn to cover the windows to provide privacy while allow light to comes in as well.

Night Curtains (2)|Roller Blinds |Mtm Curtains SIngapore

The picture above show the window shades. Sunlight still comes in which is why you can see the shadow of the window. This is because standard curtains only works to block off about fifty to sixty per cent of sunlight.

Nonetheless, the main key advantage of night curtain types is lighter in material compare to other curtain types. Therefore it can provide a smooth flow which do not look so bulky by taking up too much of your room space.

You may want to consider installing Day curtains as well to match for perfect contrast and beautified the entire outlook.

  • Dimmed-Out Curtains

This is a upgraded version of the standard night curtains. It is three-layered thick as compare to the night curtains.

Although it is thicker, it provides a blockage of seventy to ninety per cent of sunlight. The cost to fabricate is the same as you fabricate night curtains. This explains why it populates over the standard night curtain these days.

In fact, materials like Dimmed-out Curtains is good to enhance blockage for both privacy and sunlight that is suitable for people who dislikes glare and brightness coming into your place, you can have an adequate sleep without being disturb by the morning light, afternoon sunshine!

  • Blacked-Out Curtains

This is the most thickest material in all curtains types. It usually contains an extra layered of latex which efficiently block out 100 per cent of sunlight. You will not see your fingers at night once you switch off the lights!

It is very useful and popular in the other countries like Europe, USA etc. because a lot of the Caucasian likes to sleep in the dark. I mean, in total darkness. Which is why in Singapore here, when we encounter customer that wants to do Blacked-out Curtains, we usually double check with them if they are OK with minimum light shooting in from the sides of the window and we always try to do certain enforcement to ensure total darkness for them. We understand people who demand to do Blacked-Out Curtains enjoy sleeping in totally darkness for better sleeping experience.

However the only disadvantage of Blacked-Out curtains is that most of them are recommended to dry wash instead of the normal machine wash.

Happy news here! =)

Singapore MTM Curtains currently have material that offer Blacked-Out Curtains that is able to machine wash. Do contact our friendly consultant here to understand more on our products.

Have you found your curtain types?

Here comes our end of this articles, I hope after today all of you can decide precisely on your needs and wants on choosing the different types of curtains you can find in Singapore.