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Introducing our Crank System Outdoor Roller Blinds.

For people that do not know much about us.

We are specialist in doing Curtains and Blinds, especially for doing outdoor blinds.

We carry Zip Blinds, pulley type and also Crank system for Outdoor Blinds.

Crank system is commonly used in coffee shop, hawker center, shop houses and landed property where BIG SIZES blinds is needed.

Same as our Zip Blinds, our crank system can easily fit up to 5 meter width.

Instead of pulley, these system use a pole to control the fabric.

Do take some time to view how this system work here.

Pole is certainly more durable than pulley as the size of the control is such a big different.


Why choose Crank system?

A lot of our client always got headache where they wanted only 1 whole piece of blinds instead of dividing into 2 or 3.

Where there will be some windguide or sideguide in the middle of nowhere.

Standard Outdoor blinds is usually divide into a few pieces as it is always recommended under 2.5m width.

but with our Crank system, we can solve these problem easily.

Imaging if you need to divide into 2 pieces of blinds in such area.

You will have to put some windguide in the middle of the backyard or Petio.

which will become very inconvenient for people that need to walk in and out.

I doubt anyone would actually prefer that!


Why Us!!!

In Singapore MTM Curtains, we always heard what our client need.

And will try our best to bring in the Right type of system and material our client need.

Do feel free to contact us to know more about our product!

Thank you.