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Bamboo blinds is one of the common outdoor blinds in Singapore. While some say that outdoor blinds needs not to be clean, but some does concerned facing the heavily soiled or dusty outdoor bamboo blinds just within your house area.

When talking about cleaning your blinds, no one can really give a clear direction on the exact procedures to does the cleaning.

All household cleaning is done on a routine basis, but how much of the people also does the cleaning for outdoor bamboo blinds?

In fact, the task is not as bad as it is made out to be. Cleaning the blinds requires few materials and only takes a few minutes.

Trust me, when you notice that your allergies have lessened and there are not as many dusty particles floating in the air, you’ll be grateful you spent the time to do a good clean.

Below are some tips and procedures to does the proper cleaning.

Bamboo Blinds

To clean the bamboo blinds, you must give a little care. Vacuum them with a brush attachment, holding it an inch away from the material to not create suction that could damage the material. Be sure to avoid wiping anything across the surface and just use a vacuum to clean them.

You may always try brushing with some sort of mini broom brushes, feather duster or toothbrushes such as intermittent brush. Tried it out and see which works the best for you while you may probably use that as your future cleaning tools.

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We hope the above tips and tricks can lighten the paranoids on the bamboo blinds maintenance. Below we would also like to share on some cleaning tips for other blinds.

Timber Blinds

Most Timber blinds are treated with a special finish to repel dirt and stains. Timber blinds can be cleaned with a good quality furniture polish and a soft cloth or clean sock. Spray the furniture polish on the cloth and wipe each slat individually. Avoid touching the cords. To clean timber blinds do not use too much water, because it will accelerate damage to the blinds.

Venetian Blinds

You can use gloves or socks made from cotton. Let the dust is not scattered, dip the gloves or sock into clean water, wring it out half dry and wipe one by one on each layer of the venetian blinds. If dust still attached, you can also clean it once again by using a piece of soft cloth. Keep in mind, You should be careful when about to clean it up, because the venetian blinds lining is thin, it can be scratched and hurt your fingers.

Fabric Blinds

Use the tip of a vacuum type brush bristles smooth, and then clear in slowly. After the vacuum, go clean with feather duster material wool. For difficult stains are gone,use a sponge rubber. To clean with a liquid cleanser, spray the liquid on the patchwork, then cleaned using patchwork.

It is also recommendable to keep in contact with you blinds supplier when they should be the one who is totally knowledgeable about their products.

From cleaning methods to repairs, blinds tips and such all information can be furnished from them. Therefore it is recommendable to upkeep the relationship with the suppliers. Not to only window furnishing industry but to everything else.

Thanks for the read and we believe by now you have more confidence in cleaning your bamboo blinds.