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Everyone requires window furnishing, be it at your home sweet home or be it in your comfortable offices. What matters are, what kind of window furnishing should you be using and have you made the decision wisely. Precisely this is what many of us would not know without doing much research and I hope this article helps, just like Singapore MTM Curtains do.

Singapore MTM Curtains are a one-stop window furnishing company with experienced consultants to help you with solutions. Today we will be sharing the services we have below to incorporate as a One-stop window furnisher.

  1. Curtains

Night curtains installed on last friday @ TPY HDB (2)| Mtm Curtains Singapore|Roller Blinds

The most widely known yet some of you might not have a full picture of the different types of materials. There are 4 types – Day Curtains, Night Curtains, Dim Out and Blackout. The one in the pictures shown are standard night curtains. Did you know, curtain fabrics are used to fabricate roman blinds too?

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Blinds

Lake Vista - Outdoor Roller Blinds (1)|MTM Curtains SIngapore

Blinds, there are too many types and most commonly known is roller blinds, timber blind, venetian blinds, vertical blinds and the recent most popular – Rainbow blinds. We even do customized roller blinds where you can print your favorite picture onto the blinds and it is anti-scratch. Of course, it will be more costly for custom-made blinds as this will be made-to measure, fabricated to your needs with additional service of printing the image of your choice. Imagine no one would have the same blinds like yours! Interesting right?

  1. Bamboo Chicks

We supply and install Bamboo Chicks too! Other than the normal brown color ones, we also offer black and white bamboo chicks, totally on trend, suitable for both homes and cafes uses.

  1. Solar Films and Frosted Films

Frosted film is quite straight forward as it is usually installed for privacy purposes only, most commonly installed into windows and glass doors or shower screens.

Unlike frosted films, solar films act as an anti-glare and heat reduction film where people installed into windows to reduce the heat effectively. Marvelous product, those who encounter super hot direct sunlight into your window, you might want to consider having solar films.

  1. Window Grilles

No more plain old grills of the horizontal/vertical old iron bars, nowadays there are more and more new designs to suit Singapore build-to-order’s (BTO) requirements.

I hope after reading this article, you briefly understand what we, a one-stop windowing furnisher is doing! From curtains and blinds to films and to gills, I suppose what you wanted can be found here. We will go into details for each product category in our blog post soon.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us!

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