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Window dressing  is in trend nowadays, Singapore’s market has offers a wide variety of different  to beautifying windows with blinds it also varies from different materials, in all wonderful different colors as well as varies of pulley system.

In Window Dressing With Blinds There Are Some Question Words

There are 5 question word that you should know: what, why, where, when, and who in window dressing. Now let’s discuss it one by one.


Blinds, Choosing your ideal types of this is a knowledge and from deciding which are you choosing is a big step to advanced into the next steps – Colors, Designs, Systems. Below shows a brief simple notes on different types of blinds you found in Singapore and it’s materials available.

Different types of blinds in Singapore

1. Roller Blinds – perforated, fabric velvety or PVC blackout

2. Roman Blinds – Standard curtains fabrics or blackout fabrics

3. Venetian Blinds – in wood / PVC / aluminium materials

4. Vertical Blinds – what kind of pulley chains system is ideal and durable

5. Rainbow Blinds – pulley systems and choose on normal or blackout materials


Because.. BLINDS are in trend and it is modern and chic looking suitable in many places!

Questions asking us, why is there a need to beautify our home? Come on’ this is not a smart questions to be! All of us love our homes and place we belong, even you own just a bedroom and you would very much hope to have a sweet or cosy corners to feel comfortable and relaxing! Understand beautifying is just a part of advantage in Window dressing, it also act as an blockage to give your privacy as well as blockage of sunlight and UV Rays that can be affecting your health. However today, we are only talking about – beautifying your home with Blinds so it is good to know more about the advantages of different types of Blinds before your make your decision.


Offices – beautifying your offices is pretty much important as well as it serves as an corporate image, an corporate identity on how people look at your company. This also reflects on how does your company work. Being too messy and dirty often receives misunderstanding of an idea in a messy company who is budget to even furnish your company. Doing Blinds for offices is usually essential as it does not only serves as a beautifying corporate tools but also an blockage to the privacy as usually company does have alot of confidential materials. It allows you and your staff to have a meetings or discussions freely and less-stress free compared to those distraction with people passing by and looking at you and your staff.

Home – a place where we belong and yearn to have an adequate of rest and relax time, a place where you would want to be comfortable with your loves one and proud to be inviting your friends and relatives over to chill-out and spending time together. Therefore, a home sweet home to you and to me is equally important and meaningful to everyone out there thus it is time to invest by adding a touch of highlights into your love nest!


Who says only people getting new houses or renovation can starts to do it?? you may also DO IT NOW! Engage a professional if necessary to work on your house theme and choose an ideal best Blinds for your home, Act now..!  be a trendy person and try to get update on the popularity theme nowadays. If not, design your own, customize your own special one and only Blinds with the graphics of your wedding pictures or corporate logos onto it. Look Fresh and exciting.


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Singapore MTM Curtains is one of the Curtains Suppliers out there in Singapore who fabricates and custom made the made-to-measure window furnishing as the main core business for the public, we believe customization in made-to-measure, fabricate to our customer’s needs! Not only we offers design idea and serve to beautify your homes, we also listen and customize thru the customer’s needs.