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To look attractive, a house need decoration and property which either one of them is Roller Blinds. Roller Blinds have many models and types, but the type of Roller Blinds are often chosen by the community is often not noted in detail and thoroughly so that it erred in determining the choice of curtains. Here types of Roller Blinds that you can select.

1. Animal Farm

Animal Farm Roller Blinds

Animal Farm is a new model with a children taste, that why who are using it usually are is children. The uses is block off 100% of sunlight providing adequate sleeping conditions for the children. Furthermore, the interesting animal characters prints on it that the eye-catching with a matching neutral beige background color.

2. Dim Out

installed Dim Out Roller Blinds

Dim out roller blinds, unlike the blackout roller blinds is ideally for customers who prefer lights to come into their home yet blocking off the privacy! Black out Roller blinds will block out both lights and privacy, providing a darker sleeping time especially during the daytime. Last but not least, there is also perforated blinds which can block out sun glare yet providing you a good scenery and sufficient light from coming in. 

Introduced to this customer as to help block out additional strong lights especially when the units are facing the street light etc. It can be thicker and heavier in materials, however cost around the same for net curtains too! Although in plain designs, but this is what the trend is now! Furthermore, the materials are soft and smooth.

3. Blackout

Severaal Roller Blinds in office

If you prefer or you think would this work for me for that particular room and you need privacy:- blockout blinds is the right choice for you. This is the most versatile of all types of  blinds as it really blocks out light from entering the room, prevents bystanders to pry inside your house, and it also protects your sensitive and precious furniture and other home furnishing from the sunlight damage.

4. Motorised Outdoor

Motorised Outdoor Roller Blinds for condo

Motorised Outdoor is technology nowadays for the simplicity and easy lifting at a touch of a controller from anywhere on your home. This one of the famous things that usually people are interest and want but because of stll new and durable, long-lasting and practical as the good fit for many windows treatments.

The advantages of using motorized outdoor

  • Providing smooth and quiet operation.

  • Electronic programming limits via the remote control.

  • Built-in dry contact closure interface for direct connection to Automation or Smart Home System.

  • One touch for controlling the individual or groups of blinds.

Our Project that has been done:

1.  Animal Farm

2.  Dim Out 

3. Blackout

4. Motorised Outdoor