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In the Singapore market, all you need to do is simply google and source for purchasing curtains and blinds and the most reliable curtains and blinds company, call them up fix an appointment and arrange to meet the professionals at the site for measurement and quote. However, this meet-up is a great time to get more information from the contractors or suppliers before you make your choices in the selections of materials.

#1 Recommendations for purchasing curtains and blinds

Ask for their recommendations before you tell them what is your idea. ALWAYS try to hear them out first on why they propose on products to you. Example Roller Blinds is preferred when you have a small window and it keep a clean and neat look for your home and it look nicer when the blinds is being rolled up instead of drawing up the curtains and tote! – You realize the window is such a small piece there..

Next, if you do not like their idea or you think that their concerns does not affect you and you may just instruct them to go with what you have in mind! Easy as ABC.

#2 Materials for purchasing curtains and blinds

Understand more about the materials or systems if blinds where your ideal choices. When we talk about the materials it is an overall thing such as knowing this material can be washed or cannot, how to maintain if cannot be washed. Some fabrics can only be hand wash while some can only be vacuumed thus this is an important key area to know before you purchase them. Dust can be very offensive especially these days a lot of people is facing with bad skin conditions.

Asking the professionals on the #1 recommendations can be easily lead to #2 on the Materials.

#3 Usages

Usages is all about the blocking of sun rays and privacy. How does it work and will it be durable if it was meant to be used EVERYDAY while some window furnishing can be placed there unopened as the blockage is important on the ideal corners thus durability is not as important in this part. Customers have their every little right to know how many percentage is sunlight and privacy blockage! The heaviness and thickness of the fabric can affect the durability and usages too. Too heavy materials don’t give you a flowy and grand look instead it might be extremely bulky and hard to draw. Play safe, make yourself known to every little details even if some materials are only prone to Beautifying your homes with minimum blockage usages.


A traditional way of saying, how much you pay is how much is worth by the quality.

Push your luck, understanding on all of our tips from #1 to #3 you are now certified to able to make your own decision in selecting the correct window treatments or furnishing for your beloved home. It is all based on your needs and wants, should you require cheaper yet not so many kind of quality, why not just go for the cheaper alternatives? If you especially love on some specific designed fabrics, request a discount and offer from your supplier/contractors and I am pretty sure they will work their best cost for you! Let them know you will be referring your friends or relatives to them if the job is good, writing the short testimonial, Or, simply help them to like or share their Facebook or any other social media that help promoting their services etc, BE SURE they will be happy and help you too!

Win-win situation is thru bargaining.