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Waterfront Aisle-Dimout Out Curtains & Roller Blinds

Waterfront Aisle-Dimout Out Curtains & Roller Blinds

We were introduced to one of our friend’s parents new homes located in Bedok – Waterfront Aisle with a good design and use Dimout Out Curtains and roller blinds that have a good quality.

Very thankful to people when they intro us to others, spreading our good words around helping their closets as well as helping us too =)

Dimout Out Curtains and roller blinds fabric were introduced to this customer as to help block out additional strong lights especially when the units are facing the street light etc. It can be thicker and heavier in materials, however cost around the same for net curtains too! Although in plain designs, but this is what the trend is now! Furthermore, the materials are soft and smooth.

Below is the complete work after installations, in pictures and video clips.

Living Room in Purple dim out curtains, no day curtains as it is not necessary to block out the sun rays.

Living rooms with Dim out curtains

Master bedroom same fabrics and colors as the living room, picture one and two showing the open and close curtains drawn to one side. We recommend to do it this way for this room since the cabinet are already blocking one part of the window, let the other side be open to more lights coming in.

Master Bedroom with Dim out Curtains in Purple Colours (2)         Common Bedrooms in earth tone dim out curtains

Green dim out curtains are installed in the daughter’s room, to match the special design bay window while the other common bedroom is installed with earth tone brownish curtains fabrics.

Common Bedrooms in Greeny furnishing curtains        Master Bedroom with Dim out Curtains in Purple Colours (1)

Commonly installed roller blinds in the bathrooms, block out privacy and not worrying about maintenance. PVC Roller blinds can be water resistant by simply wiping off when doing cleaning part.

PVC Roller Blinds for the Bathrooms (1)      PVC Roller Blinds for the Bathrooms (2)

And here, is our full complete work curtains and blinds in the video clips below:

Good to know that we have once serve a happy family of 3 and still counting on.. Thank you for supporting Singapore MTM Curtains! We fabricate to your needs.