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Rivervale Arc – Timber Venetians blinds

Rivervale Arc – Timber Venetians blinds

Timber Venetians blinds were installed for one of our customers, Mr Lucas Eng and his family. It was a 4-room flat BTO projects at SengKang Rivervale Arc and surprised, the corridors are spacious unlike some of the BTO’s projects that faces small corridor problems. =X

Initially, Mrs Eng wanted to go for curtains, but after some recommendations, she decided to go with Timber Blinds for a more modern and contemporary look without worrying to wash their curtains like before anymore. New house, new change! Yes, we are happy for them.

Mr Lucas set his choice upon love at first sight at the ashed colored timber blinds and matches it with black tapes.

Here are some of the pictures we have taken after installation completes:

Ash Timberblind with Black Tape (2)

Ash Timberblind with Black Tape (1)

Ash Timberblind with Black Tape (3)

We didn’t take the pictures for the master bedroom though, as Mrs Eng was not at home at the moment and one thing for sure, we do not take any pictures from our customers without their acknowledge!

Nonetheless, I believe the 3 pictures above are good to show off already.

Singapore MTM Curtains do provide more variety of designs and colors for both the tapes and Venetians itself. We will be glad to assist you should any of you are keen to meet up to view our samples or for a free on-site quotation.

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