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Senja Parc View – Timber Blinds & Roller Blinds

Senja Parc View – Timber Blinds & Roller Blinds

It’s getting more and more popular in Timber Blinds Trend.

Almost 50% of our customers are all requesting to do up Timber Blinds for their homes, because they simply love the design of the blinds so that it can be easily adjusted to see outdoors or it is more suitable for their home concept. Timber blinds is one of the roller blinds that are famous and many people are interest of it.

Here is a completion of a recent work done in the Senja Park View for a 4 Room Flat. White timber blinds with black tape are installed in the entire home while roller blinds are installed in the bathroom to block out the privacy for the owners.

Below are the pictures taken after installation, and videos from our YouTube channel.

Living Room

Living Room

Master bedroom



If you are looking on the picture, you will look one curtains based on the picture but divided by 2 and if you really want to get specific you could see it in video. For choosing the color, customer have a good taste because choose a color that is a natural color can match every color that you want. The natural color is white and black without a pattern that makes the room looks simple.

Common bedrooms

Common Bedroom (2) Common Bedroom (1)


Blinds For Toilet

For bedroom, the blinds are different because different rooms different design, that why be careful for installing things in a one rooms because all of that will effect a lot and finally you are the one will accept and enjoyed it. The important thing that you should pay attention is how could a blinds will match to the design interior, themes, and color of the wall.

Not satisfying for the picture? We providing also a video for you to get closer or enjoying our work in Senja Parc View.

Simple and short video clips!


Glad to know that each time installation completes and we satisfy our customers!

At Singapore MTM Curtains, we make this happen with Timber Blinds Trend and we fabricate to your needs. Cheers!