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Skywood Condo – Day and Night Curtains

Skywood Condo – Day and Night Curtains

Day and night curtains installed for a 3 bedded room located at Dairy Farm heights, Skywood condo. Fully furnished with our US brand outdoor roller blinds and blackout film.

The home theme is very elegant and pretty with clean and roman colour chosen for the fittings and furnishing.

Pictures taken are as follow:

Outdoor Roller Blinds installed for the balcony outside the living hall

Skywood - Outdoor Roller Blinds

Light romantic day and night curtains installed showing the open and closed view

Skywood - Living Room Curtains (2)

Skywood - Living Room Curtains (1)

The walk in wardrobe area with day and night curtains installed, hiding behind the pelmet.

Skywood - Walkin Wardrobe Curtains (1) Skywood - Walkin Wardrobe Curtains (2)

The master bed room area showing open and closed view again for the below 2 pictures.

Only romantic grey night curtains is chosen for the entire house, a uniform themed.

Skywood - Masterbedroom Curtains (2)

Skywood - Masterbedroom Curtains (1)

Below showing again an open and closed view for the day and night curtains installed at the spare bedroom

SKywood - Bedroom Curtains (2) SKywood - Bedroom Curtains (1)

Ta-da, below is the blackout film for the toilet window, providing a full blockout whether rain or shine so the opposite block cannot see thru, not even your shadow =)

Skywood - Toilet Blackout film

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