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Sea Esta – Night Curtains and Blackout Roller Blinds

Sea Esta – Night Curtains and Blackout Roller Blinds

Showing our accomplished work here again, this time round it’s for a customer residing at Sea Esta Condo.The Living Room was installed Night Curtains & Blackout Roller Blinds that is located in Singapore.

Sea Esta is a new condo located in the town of Pasir Ris and we are glad to be of service to the family.

And in darkened creme color selected in dim out material. Dim out material helps to block off at least 70% of sun rays, so it is more heavy and bulky. Thus, day curtains can be a yes or no in addition to your window furnishing.

Roller Blinds for Sea Esta (1)

Showing Room 1 and Room 2 here

Roller Blinds for Sea Esta (2)  Roller Blinds for Sea Esta (3)


The rooms were installed with Blackout Roller Blinds to ease household maintenance and giving a neat and tidied look.

As you can see from the pictures, both of the blinds are in different colors if we see in afternoon when the sun comes.  The blinds chosen is actually the same color! With cove light or normal light color the effect gives off can be quite different too.

Completed installation video of the full house is captured in the below video for more details.

Night Curtains & Blackout Roller Blinds is the famous in singapore, the reason is because of the quality and the design. If we are talking about the quality, we could say that it will not easily be broke because the ingredient inside of it has been chosen with a professional person. But it could also broken, but because of one things that is we never use in proper one or maintance it. And if we talking about the design, giving a many kinds of design that been made by professional designer. In every time that the designer made and publish it on public, every customer and new customer are linking or loves it.S

At Singapore MTM Curtains, we fabricate to your needs!

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