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Punggol, Matilda Portico – Furnished Roller Blinds

Punggol, Matilda Portico – Furnished Roller Blinds

Complete the Roller Blinds Project in Punggol to furnish the entire home with plain PVC roller blinds. Neat and unified roller blinds help to furnish your window by providing an easy maintenance as well as smooth spring chain pulleys. Unlike timber blinds it might get a bit heavy to lift up the blinds especially if you have a bigger window.

Picture that we take on Punggol, Matilda Portico:


Punggol - Matilda Portico Sumang Walk - Roller Blinds (2)                              job at Punggol Matilda Portico –  Pvc roller blinds

2 Pictures above are using the same blinds with same size and also with same color but installed in different rooms. The color of the blinds are matching to the background, both are using the same color which is white.

Punggol - Matilda Portico Sumang Walk - Roller Blinds (1)                              Punggol - Matilda Portico Sumang Walk - Roller Blinds (3)

If we look at the top picture, we can see there are 2 blinds with a different size where the single blinds is bigger than the double blinds. Usually blinds are made by stiffened polyester and these things are easy to use by spring mechanism you could open or close the blinds as you wanted.

This is the short video about our job in Punggol, Matilda Portico to install Roller Blinds

This is the example of Roller Blinds Project in Punggol that we installed with beautiful results that you could see from the video above. By using it, this is the way to get a comfortable room with high quality design and easily in using the technology.

Feel hard to make decision in choosing the blinds for your window? Or don’t have a thing to measure your window so you will get a good blinds for your window? Or hard to find which company is really bringing the customer to their many wants to be a real thing not only a dream for your house or office others place?

At Singapore MTM Curtains, customer satisfies for our work is our happiness in our job and we fabricate to your needs.