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Rezi Condo – Motorised Outdoor Roller Blinds technology

Rezi Condo –  Motorised Outdoor Roller Blinds technology

Our recent installation for a geylang condo named Rezi 26. It is common and ideal for owners to install the Motorised Outdoor Roller Blinds technology nowadays for the simplicity and easy lifting at a touch of a controller from anywhere on your home. Motorised Outdoor is one of kinds of Roller Blinds that is really famous in Singapore with a beautiful design and creative that been made a professional designer that have alot of experience.

You may easily and conveniently sit back on your sofa and relax while control the blinds to be rolled up or down as seen in the YouTube video we have uploaded.

This is the picture of our result that we have done in Rezi Condo with high technology and new innovation. For the color they choose brown without using a color combination that makes beautiful and simple. This Roller Blinds are usually used for outdoor but it can also use inside of the rooms for cover you window or to make you room to be private if using it.

Motorised Outdoor Roller Blinds for condo


Motorised Outdoor Roller Blinds technology marks a new enhanced standard of living in your home. Make your life more simple and save your time to a better work that suppose you should give your time to use your roller blinds but if you installed with the same things like in Rezi Condo you could use your time for other work.

In installing Motorised Outdoor Roller Blinds technology, we use ladder to reach the top because it is tall and we can’t reach it without using extra tools. We give our best service to every our customer because we think about the satisfaction of our customer. If the things are really good but when the things have been installed and not in order the effect will makes not interesting and maybe you will not installed the same things again. But if you got a things that was great and expensive, you installed in your home and in order the result will give you shock or amazed.

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