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Aleph Laps – Roller Blinds for Meeting Room

Aleph Laps – Roller Blinds for Meeting Room

Completion work to install Meeting Room Roller Blinds

For this project, the project really interesting and amazed because we have good coordination work with the person in charge and we are pleased to furnish the meeting room with the white color roller blinds in Aleph Laps Office. This meeting room is always been used by officer Aleph Laps for meeting but one thing is before the roller blinds is installed, we feel not comfortable being inside for having a meeting especially when it’s noon, because the sunshine is too bright. Because we are not comfortable with the meeting room, the meeting being disorganized because the situation does not support for it. But after the blinds installed, we have a new spirit and all of our ideas goes out and finally having a good meeting.


Roller Blinds for Aleph Laps Office Meeting Room

We take a picture after we have done for meeting that and you will see the chair and the table not in a proper place. Why we direct have a meeting in meeting rooms because we want to do first trial, is it the same without roller blinds or not. From the result we can see that with roller blinds it can block the sunlight goes to room and feeling free from sunshine.

We can get the conclusion that Meeting Room Roller Blinds is so useful and it works as we can see from the picture above. If we are talking about the quality of a product, the quality is no need to been ask because you can see directly from the picture that of course the blinds have been made by a professional person and having a good ingredient.

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