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Bartley Residence – Dim Out Curtains

Bartley Residence – Dim Out Curtains

Supply and installed greyish tone Dim Out Curtains out latest fabrics for one of the units at Bartley Residence. (Another unit.. )

Bartley Residence - Dim out curtains (1)

Bartley Residence - Dim out curtains (2)


The Greyish tone Dim Out Curtains look beautiful with a simple way in using it. By pulling it, you could open the curtain or even to close it and if you want also only half in opening and the other half to close it is possible because the curtains are divided by 2 sizes on the right and left.

Clearer view of the complete work in YouTube video clips!


It seems like gray, brown and a lot of neutral colors are very welcoming in everybody’s home choice. We suppose the color range helps to match the home theme while blending in the furniture and appliances as well.

No worries if you like loud colors because we do have a lot of other color fabrics available as well, including design curtains fabrics we have too much for you to choose.

Giving a best service for our customer is the first priority for us because we know that the happiness of us is when our customer happy and satisfy for our work. No matter how far you as we can reach to your home or office and the others we will give the best solution for your interior design by installing Grayish tone Dim Out Curtains in your home. Sometimes you also confuse to choose which drape is match to your theme for your house, but don’t worry for it because we will give you advice to solve your problem as you want.

Let us know if you are keen to see our samples, no harm getting a free quote from us!

At Singapore MTM Curtains, we fabricate to your needs. A Singapore registered company doing good for the past years and are still counting, definitely can count on us for that!