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Tampines Greenlace – Curtains & Blinds

Tampines Greenlace – Curtains & Blinds

Complete the installation work by furnishing glossy dim out curtains and PVC blackout roller blinds for the BTO project name Tampines Greenlace, of course, located in Tampines area.

It is a full satisfaction to serve this customer as they are very friendly and nice to coordinate with, on the dot type when it comes to meeting them for appointments as well as during installations. Kind souls offering water to our installer, thank you for choosing Singapore MTM Curtains as your supplier.

We are proud to present the complete pictures below:


Tampines Greenlace - Dim Out (2)                         Tampines Greenlace - Dim Out (1)

Brown shiny curtains is one of our products that customers really like, that’s why this product is being in a lot of places with this kind of things. The reason why this curtain is famous and others like it, is because of the design being made by professional person with high interior and the color of shiny makes the curtains looks expensive and giving bright if in one place or room.

Tampines Greenlace - Roller Blinds (2)                         Tampines Greenlace - Roller Blinds (1)

Tampines Greenlace - Roller Blinds (3)

If we can see from the picture blinds on the top, we can see there are 3 blinds in a different place but they have same design and the same size. For the color, the customer wants 2 colors that are white and beige with a simple design because with a simple design make people will directly see through the picture.

Video Clips available too!:

This is all of our projects in Tampines Greenlace to installed  glossy dim out curtains and PVC blackout roller blinds for giving satisfaction to customer.

Giving service with satisfaction for customer is our priority because for us, customer is part of us and without customer we are nothing.

Interested in our work with good result and really want having curtains & blinds with your own design?

At Singapore MTM Curtains, we fabricate to your needs