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Flo Residence – Curtains with Roller Blinds

Flo Residence – Curtains with Roller Blinds

We have installed the curtains with roller blinds¬†with one of the customer’s at Flo residence.

Curtains with Roller Blinds are furnished with pictures below:
Flo Residence - Curtains (1)

Flo Residence - Curtains (2) Flo Residence - Curtains with roller blinds

Flo Residence - Roller Blinds (1) Flo Residence - Roller Blinds (2)

Usually in toilets, we will choose PVC roller blinds as the material is water proof and can be able to clean easily.

Sometimes frosted film or blackout film is installed directly if preferred however roller blinds would be a more durable choice.

At Singapore MTM Curtains, we made to measure satisfy your needs.

Thank you for choosing us.