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Pavis – Design Blackout Curtains with Timber Blinds

Pavis – Design Blackout Curtains with Timber Blinds

There are people who have a standard in their window furnishing, for example only blackout curtains is essential in their home as they need a very good sleeping environment with complete darkness providing a good sleep so we design Blackout Curtains towards Timber Blinds for it

Here it is with one of our customer, Ms Liz, whom we have completed furnishing her home with designated blackout curtains fabrics and custom-made the baby’s room fabric using a normal blackout fabric to attach with blackout at the back. Classic timber blinds were furnished in the study/work room for the husband’s matching the modern Scandi design of the theme yet at the same time providing a good solution to adjust the lights coming in from the huge window.

Pictures and videos are shown below, we supposed because of the lighting thus unable to view clearly of the design of the fabrics. Nonetheless, we are proud to showcase our completed project in Design Blackout Curtains here:

Living Room – 2 set one on each side is fabricated so that in between you can have an easier and clearer view when you want to open the window to view the swimming pool.

Pavis Holland Hill Condo - Living Room Day & Night Curtains

The Master bedroom on the left, while the guest room picture on the right.

Pavis Holland Hill Condo - Master BedRoom Day & Night Curtains Pavis Holland Hill Condo -Guest Room Day & Night Curtains

This is the baby’s room – that we custom-made to enhance the normal night curtains fabrics with a blackout attached at the back. If you see the picture closely, you can see the simple vertical design lines on the fabrics.

Pavis Condo - Baby Room Day & Night Curtains

The classic timber blinds in the study/work room in open and closed view.

Pavis Holland Hill Condo - Timber Blind in Study Room (Open) Pavis Holland Hill Condo - Timber Blind in Study Room (Closed)

We are more than happy to serve Ms Liz, and her families being able to provide our best service and professional ideas to customize her desire in the new condo units. This is the short video about curtains and blinds that we already installed.


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